Gotta Rock Steady and Stay On Track

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Jeggings: Topshop
Tweed Coat: Penneys (Primark)
Guns' n' Roses Tee: Penneys (Primark)
Fur Collar: Ebay
Black Chelsea Boots: Vagabond @ Office
Gold Spike Chain: H&M

Wore this to finally track down my best friend whom I never get to see on account of us both being horrendously busy. We had burritos and we both bought hats. A successful day on all accounts. I managed to lose my tweed coat from Penneys (thank goodness it was cheap) so I reinvested and bought another one. You will never meet someone with worse luck for losing items than me. Being, as I am, on Iphone No. 6, I cannot have anything of value on my person if there is going to be alcohol involved. One drink and I clearly must start throwing my valuables around the place. 


  1. You look sooo effing good! There's nothing I don't love about this outfit xx

  2. I love the monochrome pattern and of course the shirt rocks!