Top 5 Things to do in Edinburgh

Having had the pleasure to have been on two weekend breaks to the lovely Scottish city of Edinburgh, I have had ample opportunity to investigate the best things to do and see in the city. Here are my personal favourite things to do in Edinburgh:

Style Resolutions 2015

Inspired by others bloggers resolutions posts (namely Lily's and Suzi's), I thought I would publicise my own resolutions for my personal style in 2015. Seeing as I do not believe in New Year's Resolutions as I can never keep them and they are so unrealistic for me, I decided some Style Resolutions were the perfect alternative.

Review: Birdman (or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)(2014)


Birdman is worth going to see on the big screen for the cinematography alone. Each scene has been edited to blend seamlessly into the next giving the impression of one never ending scene. It is a cinematic monologue adopting aspects of theatre that blend perfectly into the films plot.